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10 instagram accounts to follow for architects and the archi-curious.
Hands holding up a phone taking a photo of the cityscape in the background

Instagram has become an indispensable tool in today’s technology based design world. It connects architects, designers and anyone interested in the visual arts around the world under one user-friendly platform.

Instagram’s seemingly endless collection of images provides a source of inspiration, a simple method to track the latest trends, and an opportunity to share skills, tips and ideas with a wider audience. As a result, it is impossible to deny its growing influence and value in architectural terms.

Most of us, who have a professional or personal relation to architecture, might be familiar with the popular architecture-related accounts on the platform, such as Archdaily, Dezeen, Architectural Digest, or accounts belonging to world famous architectural firms.

Here are 10 suggestions to veer off the trodden path, and explore some of the lesser known, but wonderful Instagram accounts for you:

1. @lukeadamhawker – Luke Adam Hawker

Luke Adam Hawker is an artist and illustrator, who draws architectural highlights on location with pen and ink. His account is full of fantastic drawings and videos in the subject’s immediate context.

2. @mauriciotufino – Mauricio Tufiño

Mauricio Tufiño displays a selection of images that depict interesting, iconic, or strange buildings from around the world. It is possible to explore a wide range of architecture from ancient to modern, seen in detail or in a large context.

3. @artsytecture – ARTSYTECTURE

The Instagram account of the magazine Artsytecture, this page shares projects and design details focusing on the effect of the atmosphere and the ambiance. Catch some beautiful photographs here.

4. @act.of.mapping – Act of Mapping

Cartography is a type of “visual architecture” that analyses, selects, shapes and represents a complex set of data in spacial terms. This account explores the different methods of mapping in terms of architecture, landscape, urbanism and the population. Check this page out for inspiration on different representational techniques, if not for the actual data they depict.

If, like most architects, you have a thing for walls, texture, art, and life, don’t miss out on this page filled with thousands of fantastic walls.

6. @architectanddesign – Architecture & Design

As its name suggests, this account shares a wide range of architectural projects and designs. Most of the images evoke a sense of whimsical creativity that encourages thinking outside the box.

7. @cimkedi – Yener Torun

Yener Torun, a contemporary artist in Turkey, has created this account to explore our relationship to space through geometric abstraction. His photographs show geometry, color and rhythm in a unique way.

8. @disbudakhaydar – Haydar Dışbudak

An instagram post of an atmospheric architectural drawing of a terraced house with a woman holding a gun and a letter in front of it

Haydar Disbudak is an architect, who combines art, literature and technique in his drawings with beautiful details. He illustrates his architectural projects in such a unique way that reads like a page from a mystery book, or a nostalgic photograph.

9. @letsshowitbetter – Show It Better

Show It Better is a wonderful account that acts as an architectural presentation hub, sharing ideas for different representational techniques to communicate your architectural concepts in the most efficient and interesting way.

10. @bartlettkiosk – Students-Drawings-Models-Crits

This account is an archive of the work by architecture students in the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. You can find many drawings, models or photographs that reflect the conceptual and creative side of architecture and design.

Author's Pick

@accidentallywesanderson – Accidentally Wes Anderson

If you have watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Life Aquatic with Steve Steve Zissou, or his many other works, you know that Wes Anderson is a filmmaker with a very unique style of scenography and narrative style. This account shares images of symmetrical, atypical images of real life locations that recall Anderson’s particular style and provoke the imagination.


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